I love music.

I mean, I’ve always liked music. But I have realized the last couple weeks that I love music.

When I am happy, a favorite song can make me smile so big. Or when I need to smile big, a good song can bring me joy. REAL JOY. And when I want to wallow, music drowns me.

Richard got me an iPod for Mother’s Day last year and (even without the added benefit of podcasts) it has been one of my favorite gifts ever.

So despite a neck-n-neck race I was thrilled to see that my fellow music lovers have won our cause. I know I spun the poll a little bit to give my music supporters an advantage. But hey, it is my blog right?

Because I am a natural peacemaker and I want to please ALL, I will put the player near the top where it is easy to access and turn off. (Even though I think it is hideous and disrupts my blog ambiance.)

Thanks for voting.

Maybe I can help you find a song that will help you feel something. And while I’m on the subject I want to thank my ballet teacher and other bloggers who have shared their music with me. I have discovered some of my favorite songs of late from these two sources.

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