Eli visits the ER (again)

When we first arrived and the nurse was asking the usual questions: Allergies? Up to date on immunizations? she asked “Does he have any chronic conditions?”

My response: “Clumsiness?”

Granted, this time he didn’t do it entirely on his own, but nonetheless, he is a little accident prone. What exactly did he do? He took a tumble off of a chair and bit through his lower lip.

He was in such good spirits waiting in the hospital room and I happened to have my camera in my purse so I felt justified in taking a picture. He was actually quite happy and friendly to the nurses and doctors until they put the little oxygen probe on his toe. That made him pretty angry. My sister Lori works in the ER and she says that is pretty common. Of all the things they did to him last night it strikes me as so strange that that was the thing he hated most.

Here is the post-suture photo taken this morning. Poor little guy was still exhausted so I put him back to bed and he’s been sleeping soundly since. Which is good, because the inside of his lip was looking pretty sore. He had some scary looking apthous ulcers going on in there. (That is the fancy dental hygienist word for canker sore.) The more he sleeps and the less he chews on his poor little lip the better.

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