it’s okay to disagree

I’m learning a lesson. Key suffix – ing , not ed. It’s a process. If you asked me if it was okay for people to disagree I would say “You bet.” So why is it that when people disagree with me I get angry or offended. Hmm. I guess I haven’t really come to terms with disagreeing. But I am working on it.

For Christmas my Mom and Dad gave me a quote on wood that says:

“We find comfort among those who agree with us, growth among those who don’t.”
-Frank A. Clark

The other day I was having a conversation with someone (don’t worry, it’s not you) and we were disagreeing. We weren’t really arguing but if I didn’t get ahold of myself it was headed that way. So I changed the subject and continued on. Afterwards some words coming from nowhere (well, we know where they come from) said to me “it’s okay to disagree.” Our difference of opinion need not affect our relationship.


I know that seems so obvious but it really hit me. And it was like a burden was lifted. I didn’t need to be angry, defensive, or judgemental.

Alas, it is difficult to keep those peaceful feelings with me. But now I know it’s possible. And it’s true.

It IS okay to disagree.

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