end of my special olympic infatuation

Here is my dad with the two athletes from El Salvador that my parents hosted. Cesar and Miguel are on the floor hockey team. From what I hear they are pretty good too. My dad said the only indication he had that one of them was any different than any other 23 year old male was that he didn’t seem to mind carrying a pink Barbie backpack. Oh I love it!

My mom and I took the boys to watch Figure Skating. It was great. That’s all I’ll say about that.

To all Boiseans: All Special Olympic competitions are free and do not require tickets. They continue today and tomorrow, and from what I hear V.P Joe Biden is on his way… No offense to Mr. Vice President, but the athletes are what you really want to see.

You can find a schedule here.

One thought on “end of my special olympic infatuation

  1. I saw hoards of people filling sidewalks as I was riding the bus downtown the other day. I forgot the V.P was going to be here in Boise. I am a bit envious that to have experienced as much as you have with the Special Olympics. The only thing I’ve experienced is seeing athletes from different countries walking around downtown while I’m either on my way to or from school. We probably won’t have this kind of opportunity again for a long time.


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