When the man is away…

…the woman learns how to do “man” things. I hope no one is offended by my labeling some tasks as MAN tasks. But I guess my point is that these tasks can be accomplished by both genders.

Our computer had reached a level of slowness so painful I had to intervene. I am not a computer person, and while Richard isn’t really either he is still more knowledgeable about these things than I. But I did my research (thank you all-knowing internet and Crucial.com) and ordered some RAM for our computer. When it arrived I couldn’t resist trying to install it myself. I was too impatient.
Not all stories that start this way end as well as this one did. But, I installed it successfully. I tackled the motherboard and I won. It feels awesome.
In addition to this major task I also added wiper fluid to the minivan and cleaned out the garage. (Much less impressive, I know.)
We skipped naps yesterday to try to load up on our Vitamin D. It was a beautiful day, what I call a February teaser. Sadly though, the Vitamin D didn’t stop tonsilitis from attacking and so today we are watching movies and napping.
Lucky for me I conquered the world yesterday.

9 thoughts on “When the man is away…

  1. Go Jo! I would be far too intimidated to mess with the computer. When Ben has installed things and asked me to hold them while he moves something I’m usually nervous to even do that. I’m impressed!


  2. I definitely agree that there are a few jobs that are classified as a Man’s Job. My husband worked nights for our first 8 years of marriage and I learned over time that women too can do Man jobs. Good job on the computer thing. Computers can be a bit intimidating.


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