This post is a little on the lame side. But it was joy in a little thing, a pair of little shoes to be exact.

When I was a kid I was dying for a certain pair of shoes. They were KangaRoos. These shoes had a special feature, they had a small pocket (or pouch if you will) on the side. Now, as an adult, I am not so sure what was so exciting about that little pocket but I was dying for those shoes. When it came to be end of summer, school shopping time my dear mother let me get these shoes. I put various small things in that little pouch like a penny and my CTR ring. I loved those shoes.

The other day I was doing a little shopping on and there was a special going on. Any purchase from Piperlime got you free shipping on your items from old navy. Shipping is $7 so I figured it was equivalent to a $7 off coupon at Piperlime. When I saw these shoes, and they were on sale, I was sold.

Eli is so lucky. In fact, I am surprised at his level of appreciation considering he isn’t even two years old. He loves them. Come on by and he’ll show them to you with pride. Truly my son.

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