a Night in Vienna

My generous older brother Bryan and his wife Brit combined Christmas and birthday gifts for Richard and I this year in order to really spoil us with a night on the town. A Night in Vienna, actually. Well, not the REAL Vienna. They gave us a gift certificate to an Italian restaurant in downtown Boise, Gino’s, and tickets to the Boise Philharmonic’s performance of “A Night in Vienna”. The performance was three Viennese inspired compositions by Mozart, Schubert and Shoenberg.

what odd faces we are making…

Our experiences in the Morrison Center have lead us to believe that “anything goes” when it comes to the dress code. But we decided to dress up and doing so made the evening feel important and romantic. And it was nice to get further use out of my black party dress and those incredible heels.

It was really a wonderful evening. The food was delicioso and the violin soloist was enchanting. It is nice to appreciate the arts occasionally and feel like there is more to me than worn out tennis shoes and jeans stained by grubby toddler hands.

Although, at about 10:00 I was dying for those tennis shoes…

7 thoughts on “a Night in Vienna

  1. What a fun night! I love having any chance to get dressed up! If you scroll down my blog, look on the right hand side after all my contacts and you’ll see something that says, “i changed my font at…” click that and it’ll show you how to change your font.


  2. ohhhhh…how romantic! What a fabulous evening! You are spoiled (and rightfully so). I’m with ya on the heels part. I dump mine within seconds when I HAD to wear them out and when I get home. :0)


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