In all seriousness

No one wanted to be my penpal. (Although I may revisit that idea.)
Luckily for me the great cure to self-pity is selfless immersion in service and a great opportunity has come my way. And yours!

I mentioned my upcoming trip to Peru in March. The group I am traveling with usually packs their suitcases full of medical supplies, but since the surgical team has made other arrangements our second suitcases are available for use.

Our group leader who has been before has seen a need for children’s shoes, warm clothing and blankets. Apparently Peru isn’t all hot and sunny, some mountain villages get fairly cold. These pictures (used with permission from Ascend) were from a previous expedition to Peru and you can see that they like hats, sweaters and are in need of shoes.

If you want to donate please contact me through the email address on my blog. If you live in the Treasure Valley I will be happy to come by and pick up.

If not, and you still want to donate I will email my address to you.

I won’t get on my hands and knees to beg for a penpal. But I will get on my hands and knees to beg for your help, if I have to. My promise to you is that I will make my best effort to personally photograph the recipients of your donations and either send them to you or post them here.

To check legitimacy of my cause go here.

7 thoughts on “In all seriousness

  1. I would be a penpal but you said you wanted a pen pal far away. I was going to comment about it but then I read further and well I am only like 20 miles away at most. Let me know if you change your mind on it though.


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