Flat Stanley

It’s hard to write a post that follows a post that has great personal meaning.
So I picked something completely silly.

My cousin in Utah has a little boy in second grade who recently read the book Flat Stanley. His class at school is learning about mail and also about states and maps. Gabe needed to send Stanley to another state and we were the honored hosts.

Stanley arrived in the mail and spent a few days with us. Even Eli got attached, refferring to him as “my Stanley”. In fact, poor Stanley was torn across his middle during a Stanley tug-o-war. It must be awful to be two-dimensional.
The assignment was to return Stanley with some pictures of his vacation, a state postcard, and a treat unique to our state. The postcard was especially difficult to find, in fact I didn’t find one anywhere. Fortune is on Stanley’s side though because I happen to collect postcards (or at least I did when I was a kid) and I found a very dated Idaho postcard. I chose as the unique Idaho treat, the Idaho Spud Bar.
A personal favorite of mine which I salivated over, but careful not to tempt myself I bought only the exact number requested.
I had to laugh at the pictures because Cameron is wearing his boots.
That ought to validate the stereotype that Idaho is full of rednecks and cowboys.

Oh well, it’s only Utah we’re dealing with here.

2 thoughts on “Flat Stanley

  1. I think Utah has their fair share of rednecks and cowboys too! We have had a Flat Stanley arrive at our house from Utah a few times. They sent a figure for us to cut out and we were supposed to dress it like someone who lives in Idaho would dress. We opted for a hiker Flat Stanley and took him just about everywhere! Fun times.


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