I feel like this post will just state the obvious. But let it be stated. Of course it won’t be all inclusive, but I’ll do my best. I am grateful for:

– Toilets, flushing toilets and best of all toilets where you can throw your toilet paper in them rather than in a garbage can full of others used toilet paper.

– Paved roads, sidewalks, streets, etc.

– Modern technology.
– Easy access to healthcare for myself and my children, and especially the ability to get freedom from pain almost immediately. (I don’t want to get political here, and I know that our healthcare system is broken, but we are lightyears ahead of these people.)

– Disposable diapers and other disposable personal hygiene products. (The women get my drift.)
– Clean water and safe-to-eat produce.

– Sheets and beds with nothing living in them.

– Primary education available to everyone regardless of money and social class, and higher education available to many.
– Last but certainly not least, I am grateful to live in the United States of America. This covers a great many individual things I am thankful for that include good public safety, great scientific knowledge, good welfare, opportunity, many freedoms, government programs that look out for my well-being, city governments that are motivated to keep communities clean and beautiful, and so forth.

One thought on “gratitude

  1. Jo, you are one strong woman! I don’t know if I could even imagine visiting a 3rd world country. I loved the things you are grateful for, I think I too must take them for granted. You are a great example to me.


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