your donations

I promised pictures of the children that were the recipients of all the clothing, blankets and shoes that people contributed. I am sad to say I wasn’t able to take a picture each time of every gift. The clothing in particular and the larger shoe sizes were distributed by someone else when I was doing something else so I apologize. I also left some blankets with a group who stayed after most of us left because they were going to a hospital and orphanage. So some of the pictures weren’t taken by me.
Shoes from Chandra and Abby.

The mock-crocks were sponsored by my mother-in-law Julie, and my sister Adri. Close-toed shoes were a real blessing for these kids in the muddy rainy villages.

I’m not sure who contributed this hat and these purple socks…

This hat was made on a loom by my ambitious mother.

A blanket from Lori.

A blanket from Krista.

Thank you again everyone!

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