the root of all that kills

We had a delightful week in Spokane. We even had a special opportunity. Richard is such a frequent dweller at the Davenport Inn that he earned a free night’s stay in the Presidential Suite. Ooh, ahh! 3,000 square feet of luxury. By the way, that is twice the size of our house.

The bellboy informed us that the last guest he settled into the suite was Tony Bennet. Huh. Richard was sure that his tip was terribly inferior to that of Mr. Bennet. Oh well.

We don’t have cable at home and I rarely keep up on the news. But with lots of free time and no meals or laundry I was able to get my fair share of FoxNews, MSNBC, and CNN. It was enough news to last the rest of the year. But there were three big stories that were sort of a dark cloud over my glamorous hotel stay.
#1. Amidst SEC investigations and company failure, the CFO of Freddie Mac commits suicide leaving behind a wife a young daughter.
#2. Drowning in debt and accountable to investors whose money he poorly managed, a New York lawyer kills himself, his wife and his two teen daughters in a Baltimore hotel room.
#3. An all-american medical student, engaged to be married this summer is arrested and charged with kidnapping, robbery and murder.

As I lay in that ridiculously large bed I couldn’t help but think over and over “How can I teach my children that money doesn’t matter?” I don’t mean to be naive, I know that it matters. But not that much.
Don’t get me wrong, I loved the dual shower heads and victorian motif. But I couldn’t help feeling that it was all… empty. Unfulfilling was the word Richard used.
I know that money doesn’t buy happiness. I know that logically speaking. I especially know that after pondering endlessly these terrible tragedies. Yet, it is
for me to not want wealth. Most of the time I want to be rich. I won’t deny it.
I wish I could say that my trip to Peru cured me of materialism and greed. Sadly, I am not cured. It did make me very grateful for what I have. But I pray that I will be able to conquer what remains of my gluttony before something terrible happens as Heaven’s way of really teaching me a lesson.

7 thoughts on “the root of all that kills

  1. If you look at many of the church leaders, they often have a lot of money that now gives them the opportunity to do good things and serve. You’re right, money isn’t bad, it’s what you do with it that is.


  2. I double what Laura said. Money in the right hands can do much good. It’s what principles you are taught or what you teach your kids. Can I go with you the next time you stay in a hotel like that? I’d like a house like that.


  3. It’s so sad when people let money consume them. I must say though that I am just as guilty of wanting to have money as the next person. I hope it’s a noble cause though, and I try to keep myself in check. Thanks for the reminder!How cool to be able to stay in the Presidential suite!!


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