mac n cheese

The other day at Fred Meyer Cameron totally surprised me by asking for Macaroni & Cheese for dinner. I was shocked because we never eat that. We don’t eat it because I never buy it. I never buy it because when I am at the grocery store I don’t think to buy it. And I don’t think to buy it because we never eat it. It is a cycle I have never been too keen on breaking.

Because it is, afterall, macaroni and cheese.

Under normal circumstances I would have been happy to oblige, it is practically the cheapest meal out there, second only to Ramen noodles, and it is also practically the easiest thing to make. Second only to Ramen noodles.

But since I just finished reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and I am currently reading In Defense of Food these were not normal circumstances. I’m being brainwashed you see, so when my child requested an “edible foodlike substance” for dinner I panicked.

I had already been planning to plant seeds to start my garden but I thought it would be best to include my boys. I want them to understand that food does in fact come from plants. Even if that bean seed Cameron brought home from church never grew into something we actually wanted to eat.

6 thoughts on “mac n cheese

  1. Hey our bean seed isn’t growing either. A weed is and that is all Audrey needs to see to say her plant is growing! So am I bad for feeding my 7 month old jello? She has croup and I think the cool slim helps?!? Maybe? Go food growers… someday that will be me too.


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