Today I am weary of the tantrums. I can’t recall Cameron’s “twos” being that terrible. In fact, Eli is currently passing through that allegedly terrible phase of life and while he has his moments this is a generally pleasant time. I enjoy this year of life, it seems that the with the development of language skills we can finally communicate.

But darn those language skills. I am thinking that the “Fearsome Fours” might be a more dreaded childhood stage. Now his language skills have blossomed into repetition of the phrases I use most when speaking to him. Today he said to me-

“Mom. I am not very happy with you.”

And of course I am famous for the “If” and “then” sentences. For example-

If you throw a fit then I am closing your door.” (He has yet to master the childproof doorknobs, rendering him a prisoner to his own bedroom.)

So he has adopted the “If” and “then” threats for his own use, which I must admit at times are very comical.

“Mommy, if you don’t let me have some minutes to play then we will not watch the Curious George movie.” Really?

But today I am weary of my own discipline being used against me. And I am weary of screaming/crying/stomping feet.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think my life is hard. But Richard and I were discussing these discouraging moments the other day and we decided that while it is not good to dwell in them, it is okay to let them settle for a little while before picking yourself up and moving on.

So I am having a little pity moment right now, knowing full well that these tender years will pass all too quickly.

Thank you for indulging me.

7 thoughts on “weary

  1. Oh I am so happy to have read that post – wonderful 🙂 Dillon does the exact same thing, only his favorite thing to scream is that I am not a good mommy and he wants a new one! Enjoy your pity party!!! Go eat some chocolate, indulge all you want. I’m a big fan of these parties, let it all out 🙂


  2. Great insight Jo. I don’t think you’re dwelling at all. In fact, it seems as if you’ve recognized them and are kinda brushing them off by writing about them in a comical way. Thanks for the laugh with Cam’s “If/then” statements. I love it!


  3. Oh my word…I’ve had these moments several times today….probably the roughest mom day I’ve had in months. While you were explaining the If/then statements, I had to dish one out to Taylee in the middle of it. Thanks for the reminder that these years will pass to quickly. I don’t ever want to regret dwelling on the wrong things. I’m glad other mom’s have these moments too. 🙂


  4. I totally understand. Calin has been trying my patience for the last year. Maybe it so I won’t be sad when he starts Kindergarten in the fall. It’s okay to feel frustrated, we all do at times!


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