Warning: This post is not rated E for Everyone. It is rated M&W for Mothers and Women. Read on at your own discretion. (But don’t worry, it isn’t rated R either.)

Someone please tell me the age at which it is no longer appropriate for your child to see you naked. When Cameron turned two I arbitrarily decided that was a good age. I began making the necessary efforts.

But I still wasn’t comfortable locking the bathroom door while I showered. I worried that if something happened and Cameron needed to come get me he should be able to get in. The problem with that arrangement is that he enters whether or not it is an emergency and I am exposed.

So Richard and I both had some talks with him about privacy. But I don’t think he quite caught on.

Cameron enters the bathroom right as I turn off the shower.

Me: Cameron, please leave and close the door.
Cameron: Why?
Me: I would like to have some privacy.
Cameron: Can’t I watch you have your privacy?

Well. Today Cameron barged in on me and caught me off-gaurd twice over by pronouncing that I have a big hole in my stomach. I suppose he was referring to the dark cavity where my belly button has been lost in post-partum fat and skin. (Never mind that it has been two years since I last bore a child.) Despite my best efforts I have yet to get a super-model abdomen. But the last thing I want is my four year old pointing it out to me.

Four is definitely too old.

From now on I lock the door. He can bang and scream if he really needs me.

11 thoughts on “privacy

  1. Jo you are HILARIOUS! haha I’m still laughing about this one. I’m with you, as soon as they can comment on how you look naked, it’s all over. On a side note though, I still think you look great! You’ve inspired me to start running again too. Thanks Jo!


  2. I agree with the above. When they start noticeing parts, and asking questions, it is probably time. My kids think I have this big party and they are missing out on something when I shut the door.


  3. Yep I agree… Especially with a boy. I remember one time Andrew thought I had ‘pooed’ myself when he surprised me in the room while I was getting dressed. (He was referring to the down under hair).I figured though that I didn’t want him to feel ashamed of that sort of stuff so yes, as the mom I took precautions to make sure it didn’t happen again. That way I didn’t have to hide and embarass myself and him by my reaction. O so funny!


  4. It’s true! The honesty of the 4-year-old can be pretty brutal, especially to a huge, pregnant mommy. I started locking the door because my entire family, husband included, thought when I went in there and closed the door I wanted company (including the daughter and the dog). Sometimes I just want to pee without someone sitting on my lap!


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