looking on the bright side

I can sort of understand why some people are dog lovers and some are not. I fall into the dog-lover category because I had a dog during my formative years named Sabby that knew me and loved me. Unconditionally. When I was sad she was sad with me and she would nestle her long nose on my thigh and stare with her droopy bassett eyes into mine.

I used to sing a song to her. You may know that classic oldie. “Soldier boy, oh my little soldier boy, I’ll be true to you.” I sang it like this: “Sabby girl, oh my little Sabby girl, I’ll be true to you.” Then one day I realized my great neighbors George and Caralee were working in their backyard in clear ear-shot of my vocal display. Embarrassing. From then on I sang much more quietly.

But back to the point. Some people are not dog lovers because dogs do things like chew the garage door cords resulting in time spent splicing and taping. Three times. Or else he is not a dog lover because the dog pees in the grass creating dead spots. Or she digs out his wife’s newly planted jalapeno plants causing the wife to burst into tears. But we are not talking about anyone in particular. Just non-dog-lovers.

But it so happens that our dog chewed the wires connecting the air conditioner to our house.

Yesterday it was 95 degrees outside.

Richard has been patient. He has never really tried to get rid of her in spite of these destructive tendencies. Last night as we lie in bed he said

“This is miserable.” I was afraid to concede. Afraid of what it would mean for Misha. It was a rough night. I guess we are spoiled with being able to control the temperature.

But this morning since the window was open I awoke to birds chirping outside and that summer smell. The smell that reminds me of swimming lessons and working at the waterpark. Sometimes in our controlled environments we are so disconnected from everything wonderful outside. There was just something so natural about the temperature just being what it was. And at 7am it just so happens to be a nice temperature.

I stayed in bed for several minutes just soaking up the summer-ness. It was nice. The perfect start to my day.
I owe it all to Misha.

5 thoughts on “looking on the bright side

  1. Our windows are paper thin so I usually wake up to the sound of Birds and I love it! (not the paper thin windows, but the birds) It reminds me of the beauty of the seasons because they definitely aren’t there in the winter. Thanks for causing me to reflect on the good Jo!


  2. Hopefully she grows out of the chewing thing soon. Just think, if you gave her away then someone else gets a dog that is almost past the chewing stage and they get the rewards for all of your patients. Dido onthe morning fresh air. It is such a peaceful rejuvenating thing to hear birds and smell the air, I am guilty at keeping air on and staying disconnected from the outside.


  3. I try not to turn our a/c on until at least June and somedays, like yesterday, I wonder if we will make it. I keep the windows open all night and we hear the loud motorcycles, our sprinklers, and occassionally, our neighbor’s dog barking at some invisible thing. But I love waking up to the freshness of the cool air and like you said, the chirping of birds. Unfortunately, it only lasts through June. July and August we shut ourselves from the outside world and beg for that cool a/c.


  4. I love to keep the windows open in the house and car instead of the AC…another person I know hates it and just doesnt understand why I would do that if we have AC…He also doesn’t understand why I take some pictures of nature and things. I guess some appriciate and notice nature more than others. Thanks Misha for the reminder.


  5. Jo- if I did hear you singing it would have been the sweetest thing ever! I have so many fond memories of Sabby and Carly. Let me tell you, Marley and Me just about put me over the edge! Way too many similarities! I absolutely love reading your entries..keep them coming!


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