I’ve seen some pretty gross things on blogs. Here is yet another warning, that this is one of those gross things. This is the kind of post that we will use to blackmail Cameron when he is a teenager.
On Sunday Cameron had a bad cold. I have spent the last three years trying to teach Cameron how to blow his nose, and I have been unsuccessful all along the way. He only knows one way to blow his nose and it is to sneeze. If I hear Cameron sneeze from across the house I come running, kleenex in hand. He knows the “sneeze freeze” and he holds completely still until someone gets there to wipe. It’s been three years, but it never ceases to be disgusting.
My father-in-law likes to tease me when the boys are naughty or silly that whatever they are doing is a “Hall trait”. I can confidently say that this is a Bird trait. That’s all I will say.

The only reason I was able to get this picture was because I had my camera in hand, taking a picture of something else when it happened. Usually I am quick on the draw, making mucous-clean-up my number one priority. Poor kid, he looks miserable.

7 thoughts on “gag-worthy

  1. Our birds don’t have this trait! Seriously though, that is gross and I would definately show it to any kissing prospects Cameron has down the road! Poor guy, he does look miserable.


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