we’re nutty

A friend of mine told a story on her blog about the odd choices her son made when allowed to eat whatever he wanted. I don’t recall what he chose, but it took her by surprise.

The other day I was sitting here at the computer and Cameron came in with a lettuce wedge. Although I’m not sure why, I tried to take it away. He insisted that he wanted it and it finally occurred to me that it was lettuce, not cotton candy. So I let him eat it.
I mentioned in the fall that my mom and I signed up for a Community Sponsored Agriculture co-op. In the fall you pay money that is used to plant. In the spring and summer your money is a credit for you at the farm. My mom and I took our first trip out there last week and I came home with onions, asparagus, carrots and bok choy.

Bok choy.

I had no idea what it was or what to do with it. But today was that day, the day before grocery day where the selection is nil. So I got online and found a recipe for bok choy soup. It was delicious.
What does this mean for my family? Just the idea of my four year old eating a lettuce wedge for a snack and me eating bok choy soup for lunch brings visions of hairy armpits and L.L. Bean. Someone help me.

So just to keep myself grounded I bought frozen chicken nuggets and white bread on my grocery run. I haven’t had white bread in a really long time.

7 thoughts on “we’re nutty

  1. That reminded me of when Ben and I were babysitting and Cam asked for a treat. We asked him what he was thinking of for a treat and he excitedly said, “Umm, an orange!?” We about died laughing. What great eaters you have indeed!


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