the provider

I don’t want to be a dr. hopper. Working in a dental office I am aware of how irritating the dr. hoppers are. Skipping from office to office to get the free comprehensive exam or the free teeth whitening and then moving on. That is why I am opposed to such offers but that is an entirely different post.

I left my last Ob-Gyn because I heard some things about his personal life that made me question his character. I had always been happy with him as a professional but morality typically crosses professional and personal lines. So I chose someone new.

Yesterday at the office of my new Ob-Gyn, after depositing my cup in the wall (I was pleased to compare my hydration to that of the much more yellow cup still remaining on the shelf) I went back to my room and waited.

And waited.

And waited. For 40 minutes. My back hurt sitting on the exam table and so I lied down and nearly fell asleep. Finally the nurse practioner came in and we listened to the heartbeat.

Big moment.

But by the time I was in the upright position again she was saying to me “Looks like you’ve done this before and you don’t need anything else from me!” as she hurried out the door.

Approximate time spent waiting: 45 minutes (add 5 minutes in the waiting room)
Approximate time spent with health care providor: 5 minutes would be generous

I called Richard and told him I wanted to switch doctors again. He said no. It’s a good thing I have him in my life to keep me from being the person I don’t want to be.

7 thoughts on “the provider

  1. Was this your first visit? If I had that sort of visit I would switch, but that is just me. I've seen too many doctors in the past eight years traveling that I have gotten awnry almost too critical though. So take my comment for what it is worth– nothing really. I hope your provider gets a bit more friendly and understanding that a pregnant woman and her emotions are tough things to deal with if wronged!


  2. I thought that with my provider with when prego with Cole, I had to switch as my current one was leaving the practice. Long story short he was awesome in delivery, just didn't have great room manner at check-ups so I spoke up at check-ups with Ella and it was much better there too.


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