While I was terribly annoyed with my visit the other day it wasn’t a reflection on the Dr. My Dr. is wonderful. At my first visit with her she was very attentive. I alternate visits with the Dr. and the nurse practioner, and although this wasn’t the case at the last office I went to I am told this is pretty standard.

So I would still love your feedback, great doctor-but lousy staff. Do I stay or go?

7 thoughts on “**clarification

  1. To me it depends on if you're going to have to put up with the staff more than the doctor. If you're going to deal a lot with the staff, I say go. There are a lot of offices with great staff AND a great doctor.


  2. That is such a hard one. Good staff and good doctor and minimal wait time are so hard to find in a package deal. I would give them one more chance???? (maybe they have had multiple chances already) But I think that health care practitioners need to earn their 'clients' these days. So if they continue to disappoint you, I say go…


  3. I think it's like any business organization out there – there are great doctors who know their stuff and can get the job safely done for you but it's the ones who provide the service (personalization, caring, availability) that sets them apart. The staff, in my opinion, is a huge factor. If you do switch, you should write a kind letter to the Dr. telling her why you switched. It's a definite factor in her business.


  4. As your pregnancy progresses and you go more frequently, especially when you are going weekly, you are not going to want to sit there for that long every time. At least I wouldn't!


  5. I think you know what I think and I don't want to push the issue. I just had such a great experience, and I think everyone sheould have that. Ultimtately, you need to be where you are comfortable.


  6. I love my doc and would never change. However, I have had some pretty bad experiences with his staff. I think you experience that at a lot of places. If you have a good relationship with your doc then you should be able to voice your concerns and have her be concerned as well. In my case, in the end my doc gave me his cell phone number. (It does help that I work with him at the hospital). If the doctor cares how you feel then you should probably stay, if she brushes it off then you should probably look else where.


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