in a funk

I have to give credit to my [also pregnant] sister for that phrase. It just fits.

Blame it on the pregnancy. Blame it on the lousy weather. Blame it on other disappointing circumstances in my life. It doesn’t really matter. The last few days I have experienced some serious mood swings. Is there such a thing as ante-partum depression?

Yesterday I spent the better part of the day lying on the couch. I do have a bad cold if that better justifies my pathetic behavior.

Today I woke up to another rainy day. I didn’t notice any lightning in the sky but this afternoon I was struck by a metaphorical bolt that electrified me out of my funk.

My last two patients at work were a married couple in their late 70s. The wife was diagnosed with alzheimers about three years ago, a few months before I cleaned her teeth for the first time. Over six month increments I have watched the disease change her and today was a new low point.
She was anxious and mistrusting. She insisted everything I did was “horrible”.

I’m so glad that my mind is clear and rational. (Mostly rational.) I’m resolved to use my functional mind to enjoy the blessings I have.

5 thoughts on “in a funk

  1. I don't necessarily think justification or explanation is needed for an occasional funk, even if it lasts a few days. But pregnancy does seem to do that to me sometimes! I'm just glad for your little story because I enjoy reminders of the many blessings we have that can help me rise above. In testimony meeting this month, a friend was telling about a conversation she had with someone who was feeling down. This person asked her how she could be so happy all the time. She simply responded that it was all the blessings she has. Her “for example” was her elbows, they make it so easy to eat! Elbows, healthy mind, even an occasional funk… just gotta enjoy the good stuff.


  2. Sometimes it takes the occasional funk for us to realize how sweet life really is. And I have to agree that this rain has sent me into somewhat of a funk also. I can't blame it on pregancy thank goodness! But I suppose the 50 yr. bday this year might have something to do with it!Love ya, Jo! Your blog has to be one of my top 5 faves. Keep up the inspiring writing you do…I look forward to reading it!


  3. I'm glad to hear you have an occasional funk. It means I AM NORMAL. 🙂 I'm sorry to hear about it too…it is frustrating to get in those moods. Completely normal…especially with pregnancy. But thanks for sharing, I think we should all share our low and high moments. It helps us connect with people and feel normal ourselves.


  4. I think I was in a two month funk when we were waiting to hear about my job and when we would be moving. I'm convinced that anytime there is uncertainty or confusion it puts us into a funk.


  5. I broke out of mine today… at least I hope I did 🙂 All week long I've had a cold and have been sitting here stressing about everything I needed to get done but could not get up and do it for the life of me. Today is a better day. Reorganized and rearranged two rooms today and am about to tackle a third. Gives me a better outlook on life when my house isn't in chaos. Good luck w/ everything!


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