two small people produce a very small person

When I was in Peru I got really irritated with people who would take what we were giving out (shoes, blankets, clothing) even if it wasn’t the right size or they didn’t need it. They just took it because it was free. I commented on this to one of my travel companions and she pointed out that we are the same way in the United States. I immediately thought of various dental conferences I have attended where people take the Oral-B plastic bag and fill it with pens, frisbies, and various other freebies with company logos printed on them. I’ve done this myself, only to either throw those items away or give them to a second-hand store. (Except the pens.)

So I determined I would not be one of those people who are addicted to hand-outs. But in spite of this, and in spite of my chronic rhinitis, and also because it requires a second mortgage to take your family to the movies, I took the boys to the free movie. I also don’t like to break rules but if you think getting in to the movie is expensive wait until you hit concessions. So I guiltily smuggled cookies into the theater.
Mom! That flash is too bright!

We had a good time. And I loved me some Moto Moto.

After the movie we went to Carl’s Jr. for lunch. Richard and I have long been disgusted with the marketing campaign of Carl’s Jr. I feel like my cholesterol goes up just from watching the commerical. But alas, CJ’s has a play structure and in the spirit of rainy day summer fun I decided to indulge the boys. It’s really too bad that Pita Pit or Costa Vida don’t have play structures.

I hate play structures for all the obvious reasons. Germs, bullies, etc. But today I discovered a new reason to dislike them. Eli is small. I’ve always known this, and selfishly enjoyed it because his clothes fit longer and it is easy to hold and carry him. But today after his repeated efforts to climb up where the other kids his age and Cameron’s age were playing he was frustrated and disappointed. He was forced to play in the area meant for the little kids, too small to climb. He was surrounded by toddlers still learning to walk. I received many compliments on his language abilities but I reassured the on-looking mothers of his actual age. For the first time I wished he were bigger and he could reach the steps (or maybe shelves is a better word?) up to the slides and tunnels.
Oh, and one more reason I hate play structures. If your child is anything less than angelic you have to make a fool of yourself when it is time to go home. You can choose between begging, pleading and shouting threats up into the tunnels. Or you can awkwardly climb up into the maze yourself to retrieve him. Both are humiliating.

4 thoughts on “two small people produce a very small person

  1. This happened last night to us! We were playing with our nieces at a play place and she just couldn't quite get up to the next level. She was SO irritated before she finally learned to shove her foot into the netting and use it as a shelf. Unfortunately, not every place has “foot holders” that are big enough as shown in the picture of your play place:) Oh, and I love Madagascar. What a great movie!


  2. My not so secret wish but secret to the person running the establishment is that I want my child to get 'stuck' up at the top so that I can go up and get them down. Last night I almost got my wish but then my friends boy came down the slide. DARN!O and I agree as far as for my cluttered lifestyle that the best thing for me to do is not take the item if I can't think of an immediate need or of someone who might need it.


  3. When Max was a toddler and Becca wasn't strong enough to lift him, we'd have her crouch down into a ball so that Max could use her for a stool to climb each step in the play structure until they got to the top. Worked great. But, getting them down was more problematic. James has climbed up there many times to retrieve a child of ours and occassionally, someone else's child. Oh, and I banned Carl's Jr. sometime after one of the Superbowl games because of their sleezy commercials. Unfortunately, I have been back a few times because of their play structure. Darn them!


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