I wouldn’t say that my “cravings” during pregnancy are much different than when I am not pregnant except for one thing. I feel totally justified in indulging them. When an average everyday craving comes along during a non-pregnant time I typically just acknowledge it, and then forget about it. But during pregnancy I feel entitled to whatever it is I want and I will go to great lengths to have it.
For this reason, the SnoCone shack down the street is going to make a pretty penny off my business this summer. I told Richard I was just going to start at the beginning of the list of flavors and work my way through. He insisted we wouldn’t be getting that many snow cones this summer. (Have you seen those lists?) I compromised and agreed to eliminate any flavor that had banana in its name.
The other thing I have been craving lately is cherries. Conveniently, this weekend was the Cherry Festival in Emmett, a neighboring community. We drove the 40 minutes out there and spent the better part of Saturday. Interestingly though, we found no cherries.

The carnival food was a bonus for the pregnant lady.

A woman nearby laughed as I tried in vain to get all three boys to smile and look at me at the same moment. She must be a mother.

It’s not exactly true that we didn’t see any cherries. There were a couple options for purchasing cherries but only in wee quantities for a colossal price. A local informed me that in the local newspaper I might find some orchards selling cherries for a fair price, especially if you do the picking yourself.

Now we’re talking!

6 thoughts on “cravings

  1. Ahh I love this festival! We used to go and pick cherries ALL the time when I was little. My grandpa would always come as well. It's cute to see the little guys enjoying themselves.


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