so hip

One of those moments where I am just dying to know what Cameron is thinking about…

There are a few things that drive Eli crazy. When he is wearing pants and tennis shoes is it absoutely necessary that the bottom cuff of his pants covers the shoelaces. If a shoelace pokes out or becomes untied he refuses to move and cries until someone remedies the situation. Just a little Eli quirk.
Another of Eli’s vices in the sunshine. If the sun is in his eyes he is paralyzed and you see a situation similar to the one described above. I first discovered this one day as we went for a walk. He was in the stroller and just covered his eyes with his hands until the sun was at his back. This trick doesn’t work so well when he is walking though…
So I made him a sunhat but that seemed to cramp his style. The other day at the park after repeated fits about the sun, a friend offered Eli her little boy’s sunglasses that he wasn’t using. That settled it. By the end of the day Eli had his own pair of sunglasses. And you know how it goes, whatever one child has the other must have too.

3 thoughts on “so hip

  1. Taylee is the same way! Except she doesn't go paralized….she starts screaming “the sun is in my eyes! the sun is in my eyes! the sun is in my eyes! etc. etc. etc.” as if the sun just might make her die. We found the same remedy…she loves her sunglasses. Sometimes these quirks drive my crazy, but I think we'll look back on them and laugh.


  2. What funny boys. Eli's little quirks crack me up. It's great being the Aunt, because I CAN laugh about them (sorry Jo). I think the boys look super cute in their sunglasses though.


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