In seven years of knowing Richard I’ve learned…

This month marks seven years since I met Richard. I did this once for myself and really enjoyed it so I thought as a test of how well I know my guy Richard I did it for him. I’m really going out on a limb here. He is a private person. I really tried not to be a braggy-wife, but there were a couple times I couldn’t help myself. Even if no one else reads this, I know his Mom will.

101 Things About Richard

1. Richard is the oldest of four boys and one girl.
2. His first name isn’t Richard. It is Lewis.
3. He is named after his great-grandpa and great-great-grandpa.
4. He will kill me for writing this, but he had the 3rd highest score on the CPA exam in the State of Idaho for the year he tested.
5. He served an LDS mission in Barcelona Venezuela.
6. He is a CPO & a CPA. (Certified Pool Operator & Certified Public Accountant. Slight difference in criteria for certification.)
7. Currently his favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird.
8. Richard will choose popcorn over dessert any day.
9. Excluding popcorn (many a debate if popcorn qualifies as dessert) his favorite dessert is strawberry shortcake.
10. He does not like dogs.
11. He loves to play basketball.
12. He broke his arm two times in one year.
13. His favorite summer pastime is water-skiing.
14. As for winter he would love to be snow-mobiling. Not too convenient for a profession that is most productive January through April.
15. He is very ambitious.
16. He loves Buffalo wings.
17. His favorite pizza is pepperoni and olive.
18. Saturdays in the fall are devoted to college football.
19. One thing he would love to do more of is golf.
20. In the past three years I think he has read more books than the rest of his life combined.
21. He speaks Spanish.
22. His high school cd collection included Reel Big Fish, The Hippos, Pearl Jam, Weezer, Green Day and Goldfinger.
23. One of his favorite things to do with his boys is watch the three major horse races, Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes.
24. He loves Diamond Rio.
25. Richard didn’t get glasses until he was 24 years old and his optometrist was baffled how he had gone so long without them.
26. As with most men, he loves a good steak and a good hamburger.
27. Richard shares my love of San Diego.
28. He has quite a repertoire of “american proverbs”. For example: “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire” and “Smoke and mirrors.”
29. Richard also worked at Roaring Springs for three summers.
30. He has spent the night in the Denver airport.
31. He loves strawberry cereals.
32. He is very frugal except when it comes to dining-out.
33. Recently Richard discovered Guitar Hero and became a big fan.
34. In his family he is famous for either having a stomach ache or needing to go to the bathroom anytime something needed to be done.
35. The only two magazines I’ve ever seen Richard read are Readers Digest and Consumer Reports.
36. He hates cold showers and takes long warm ones.
37. He hates being cold period.
38. He was in a fraternity at ISU. (Beta Alpha Psi is an accounting frat, not exactly the boozer type.)
39. His first job was at a pizza place in Boise called Loco’s.
40. His last job before college graduation was at Idaho Central Credit Union.
41. He has spent significant amounts of time in Lewiston Idaho and Spokane Washington on business.
42. He snacks on tortilla chips with either sliced cheese or fresh salsa.
43. He proposed in a tuxedo with a dozen roses. (That was the peak of his romanticism.)
44. When he was 11 and his little sister was born he bore the mantle of oldest brother well, and did much to help his mom.
45. His drink of choice is strawberry lemonade.
46. He reads instruction manuals and assembly instructions devotedly.
47. He has a love/hate relationship with talk radio.
48. He carries chap stick with him at all times, always in the same pocket.
49. He is very practical.
50. He does not like to ride bikes.
51. He avoids touching food with his hands at all costs, using utensils whenever possible.
52. He is not a procrastinator.
53. He does not like to be rushed in the mornings.
54. He had a paper route in high school and was a little manipulative of his younger brother who assisted him.
55. He was born in Idaho Falls but lived most of his childhood in Boise, with the exception of a few years in Sandy, Utah.
56. He is an Eagle Scout.
57. He is a great story teller.
58. He is a very efficient shopper.
59. He does all the grilling at our house.
60. He has only ever had one speeding ticket.
61. A dream vacation would most likely include attending a professional sporting event.
62. He curls his toes while driving to the rhythm of the dotted lines.
63. He once had to write a letter of apology for throwing large rocks down the side of a mountain while camping as a scout.
64. He likes to drive a truck.
65. When he needs to kill time he plays Tetris on his cell phone.
66. His favorite hymn is “Redeemer of Israel”.
67. He dilligently proof-reads all emails.
68. One time he spent three or four hours in the emergency room choking on a piece of fried chicken. It hasn’t stopped him from eating it.
69. He is convinced our next child is a girl.
70. He would rather eat “to-go”than “dine-in”.
71. This year is his 10 year high school reunion.
72. He is a devoted BSU fan.
73. The two movies he is most likely to sit down and watch if they are on tv: Rudy & Apollo 13.
74. TV Show he can watch over and over: The Cosby Show
75. One of his pet peeves is when his hair grows down over the tops of his ears.
76. He was my patient for my dental hygiene anesthesia boards. That meant two practice injections and two injections for the real deal.
77. Shamelessly bragging again: He graduated from ISU with high honors. (Top 5% of his class.)
78. His least favorite college class was philosophy.
79. He had a tense moment once when he made a questionable call as the umpire of his younger brother’s baseball game because his dad was his brother’s coach
80. He is picky about his pillow and rates hotels according to their pillows.
81. He dreams of living debt-free and creates plans to get there.
82. His teenage crush was Alicia Silverstone.
83. He grew up in a hunting family and is frequently teased about the time he missed a great shot at some elk because his safety was on.
84. He tried band in junior high and played in the percussion section.
85. He coached a youth basketball team for one season.
86. Although he is like his father in many ways, he is not a morning person.
87. He serves as the treasurer for a fundraising organization called Fundsy.
88. His auditing specialty is in the forest products/paper industry.
89. He is a planner.
90. He was Cameron’s primary care-giver the first year of his life while I worked and he went to school.
91. He is a hand-talker, making gestures as he makes points.
92. He is the master of spreadsheets. ( I suppose all business people are.)
93. He also enjoys four-wheeling and snow skiing.
94. His ideal job at church would be a youth Sunday school teacher.
95. He is anxiously awaiting the return of his youngest brother from his mission in six days.
96. He loves lazy Saturday mornings.
97. He is the conscientious parent who worries about the well being of our children.
98. He doesn’t like surprises. He is going to hate this list.
99. Just like me, he would never want to work in sales.
100. He cautiously indulges my need for adventures.
101. He is great and I love him.

8 thoughts on “In seven years of knowing Richard I’ve learned…

  1. I remember visiting Richard at Loco's! What a great guy. Happy Anniversary to you two! Thanks for sharing all these stories of Richard. They are hilarious!


  2. There are a lot of things on that list that I can identify with. I remember when we used to have morning scripture study, Richard would sit on the couch with his toes curled under his feet. I don't think that my feet are flexible enough to replicate the position, let alone be comfortable that way.


  3. There are so many things on this list that I think everyone should love…..pepperoni and olive pizza is the best, college football is a must, and popcorn for dessert is a delicacy. Got to love being a Bird Man.


  4. Great job, Jo. I even learned a few things about Rich I didn't know. A good woman will bring out the best in her man. I don't know how he made it all those years without glasses. I promise, we got his eyes tested!He is a great example to us all and we love you both. Happy Anniversary!


  5. Loved reading this list. Loved seeing the fruits of knowledge so many years has brought you guys. Also had a crush on Alicia. Watched “Clueless” an embarrassing number of times.


  6. Also included on the Cd in high school was the Aqua Bats and Mighty Mighty Bosstones, He also has a love/hate relationship with the Utah Jazz, another TV show that he could probably watch all the time is Seinfield, he also once created a dating video in high school….just to name a couple of others


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