FAIR WARNING: cheesy anniversary post

The other day I was listening to this song. (The song in the playlist to your right. Turn up your volume because it is pertinent to the post.) Being the hopeless romantic that I am, this is one of my top 10 favorite songs. But as I listened I couldn’t help but think of the more practical things I do for Richard to show him I love him. So I rewrote the words.
**Please be fair to me and listen to the song first. If you don’t hear the song the words I wrote will just make me look like a terrible writer.

Side note: I mentioned seven years in my last post. That would be seven years since Richard and I started dating. Today we celebrate six years of marriage.

Here it goes: A Realistic Lovesong

If you asked me if I would wash your socks and underwear, the answer would be yes, I’d say forever.
I’ll do laundry forever.

If you asked me to be the bread-winner for two years while you finished school I’d say, not forever. But I’d work for two years.

If I could stop time just to talk to you; I’d talk forever. Talk your ear off forever.

If you asked me to endure weeks of your business travel the answer would be yes, but not indefinitely. Not forever.

I’d do anything else for you, forever.

If you asked me to bear and rear your children I would forever. I’ll be their mom forever.

If you told me to spend less money, I’d be frugal. I’d eat tuna forever.

If you asked me to bathe and dress the children alone every Sunday morning for years because of your church assignments, I’d do it forever. With minimal grumbling.

If you asked me to be with you and join our lives for eternity, I’d say forever.

Because I will love you forever.

5 thoughts on “FAIR WARNING: cheesy anniversary post

  1. Happy Anniversary Rich and Jo! I think your rewrite is very sweet. You guys are a great couple and very loving to each other. Thanks for being great examples!


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