Drama in the dental office. I think I mentioned that “the boss” cut hours. No one has been happy about this. But each week it seems there is more turmoil and strife. I usually try to stay out of these battles but it appears even I am not exempt.

Looking ahead at my schedule today I noticed that on days I was supposed to be working my patients had all been moved into another hygienist’s schedule. I asked around and no one offered any explanation. I went to “the boss.” The issue was awkwardly resolved.

All of the sudden I felt threatened. I felt like my job was threatened. I did what I always do in time of crisis. I went to my co-workers for words of affirmation. In less direct ways I begged them-

“Tell me you like me!”
“Reassure me my job is not at stake!”

Then all of the sudden it hit me what I was doing. I was trying to form an alliance. I was a contestant on Survivor and I was panicking that I was the next to be voted off. In two weeks we are having a staff meeting to discuss the schedule and I am going to be on vacation.

Miss the tribal council?

That would surely be death for my pathetic part-time position!

I did not have much luck forming an alliance. More panic. Of course, any reality show watchers know what comes next. Cue the anger and bitterness. Sure enough rage and frustration washed over me.

As I was plotting my best course of action to undermine my fellow employees and secure my best interests a thought occurred to me. I remembered what I blogged about just days before. Something about politics, every man looking out for himself, ignoring the best interest of my neighbor.

I suppose I’ll let the chips fall as they may. I’ll pray that my honest efforts at work and the friendships I have established there will not be forgotten during the shake out. It is so hard to see the way these financial hardships bring out the worst in people, myself included. But really, I’d rather lose my job than show up to work and be hated for the measures I took to keep it.

3 thoughts on “Survivor

  1. Good for you. And true it is sad that during this tough financial time it brings out the worst in people instead of everyone trying to help each other.


  2. Hang in there. I am sure your boss isn't loving his side of making decisions either. I agree with MKB that tough times can bring out the worst, but being angry will make it worse. We'll put a little prayer in for you around here.


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