well crap

The four year old seems to have developed a bad habit of waiting until the very last possible minute to relieve himself at the toilet. The result of this procrastination is that he can’t get his pants down in time, which means I am doing excess amounts of laundry and scrubbing bathroom floors. This morning after such an episode we discovered that I was too far behind on the laundry and he therefore had to spend the next hour and a half nude. He was not happy. Lesson learned? We’ll see.

Then I went to feed the animals of my neighbor who is away for the weekend. Today was the first morning and I discovered the dog is missing. I called Richard right away and we can’t figure out if they took the dog with them or not… Needless to say I am experiencing a certain degree of anxiety about it.

As I went to move the wet load of toddler underwear from the washer to the dryer I realized I had left a load of clean clothes in the dryer last night. They were all wrinkly and I hate that so I have a little trick. I keep a spray bottle of water in the laundry room and squirt the clothes until they are damp. Then I run the dryer long enough to de-wrinkle the clothes. I proceeded as usual but right before I shut the door I noticed an odd smell. All at once I recalled that last week I decided to add vinegar to my spray bottle to clean my floors.

Now, here I sit, two hours into my day and no further along with the laundry or any other preparations for our upcoming second vacation, tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “well crap

  1. I was going to say the same thing as the first commenter. To help with your vinegar/water bottle dilemma, I just wet a hand towel and throw it in the laundry with my wrinkly clothes. Works just the same!Hope the rest of your day goes better, and you have a great trip.


  2. I was worried by the title of your blog that after I slipped in front of Cam and said “Oh Crap” that he had started repeating that quite often. :)Just think, in one day you can leave this all behind and head to the beautiful mountains. Isn't that a good feeling?


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