I usually try to avoid sensitive material on my blog because as I have mentioned before I am paranoid about offending others, those who read this blog included. But as I shared a frustration with my sister the other day she told me to have the courage to share it publicly, to raise awareness. So in the spirit of opening minds and suggesting ideas I write the following.

I saw recently on another blog the words “Who says there is no such thing as a free lunch?” The blogger then proceeded to share places around the community where you could take your children for free lunch every day. While I hate to be cynical, I feel I must point out that these lunches are not free. Someone pays for this food, and from what I understand this program is federally funded. And where do federal dollars come from? Your paycheck and mine.

We are all aware of our national debt. Most of us are probably opposed to raising taxes. So why is it that we are first in line when there is a government hand-out? There we are, supporting programs that while they make our lives convenient we do not require them. If we are capable of feeding and caring for our children, and we turn that responsibility over to the government each day at 12:00 we are in essence giving up a small piece of our liberty. Why allow the government to do something we are not only able but responsible for doing ourselves?

All the while complaining about taxes…

I must confess that last summer I took my children and some children I was babysitting to have lunch at the school. It was so tempting, feeding five children with no preparation or clean-up. But seeing the quantity of food that went uneaten and thrown away only contributed to my frustration.

Of course I understand that these programs meet the needs of families in financial hardship or children with irresponsible parents. I do not judge those who participate in the free lunch program. I only suggest that we act in accordance with our convictions and if we believe in personal freedom and oppose excessive taxation we live free of superfluous government involvement.

I believe in making change, and being the change I wish to see. This is my small part.

5 thoughts on “awareness

  1. I am so glad that someone else feels this way. Thanks for posting this. I wish more people felt this way. I have been complaining about this for the last couple of years, but only to my family. I was worried about offending others as well. The lunches are not free!!!


  2. that is the great thing about our country is that we are all entitled to our own opinon. although, i disagree with you, you are right about the fact that we do pay for these lunches with our taxes. there are many people who are struggling financially at this time in the world and this is a great way to help us out. we are paying for it already, so why not use it.I think it is a great program and i am not ashamed to say that i take my kids to eat there, and i will continue to do so and hope they do it in the future for those children that don't get a well balanced meal at home otherwise.


  3. I agree that many people overuse these types of programs. I think these programs are necessary for some families. But, I also know that many people take advantage of such programs when in fact they don't need the assistance. It is the same with all government funded programs and has been a big frustration to me. For this reason, I don't participate in such programs because I don't want to add to the burden the government already has. Thanks for the post Jo, maybe you have inspired some to think before participating.


  4. I totally agree. If you don't need it, don't use it. For those of you who do…great use it but stop once you don't need it anymore. Let those who actually need it use the program. I love your blogs Jo. It's your blog so feel free to speak your mind!


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