One of the delights of parenting is being the bearer of good news. I love telling Cameron when something new or unusual is in store for him. Much of the time the anticipation is as good as the actual event. He becomes so giddy with excitement that he can hardly formulate sensible questions about the details of my news. This excitement spreads quickly to Eli who is still at an age of jumping and running in circles to express himself. And I can’t help but feel my own heartrate quicken as I watch the two of them.

Perhaps as adults we know that the thing itself is usually so short lived that excessive excitement is hardly worthwhile. We hesitate to build things up lest we are disappointed when they pass all too quickly. Or maybe we are just too embarrassed to let our pleasure show.

Children on the other hand do not allow their enthusiasm to be tarnished by realism. No matter, for example, that the water balloons would last less than five minutes. The 25 minutes the boys spent watching me carefully fill them was so full of eagerness and expectancy that I relished it as much as the three chaotic minutes of balloon throwing that immediately followed.

Ah, summer, [days of triple digits] what power you have to make us suffer and like it.”

4 thoughts on “delight

  1. Kids really do have the best perspective on life; live it to the fullest and live in the moment. Now you have ME all excited to be near a pool again the joys of summer.


  2. i feel just the same about being excited to tell my kids about something new they are going to experience. i love their reaction/excitement and the 100 questions that goes along with it:) Its like taking your kids to disney land…you don't go because YOU want to see cinderella or peter pan, you go because you can't wait to see their face when they finally see that magical person right in front of them. just like you said, your heart beat quickens and you are very much as excited as them but for very different reasons. what a wonderful blessing to be able to love in a way that their happiness is what makes us happy.


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