scripture power

The neighbor boys brought over a couple spidey chairs that they had either tired of or grown out of. Cameron and Eli were thrilled. I told them they were perfect for sitting on and reading. (I get my reading plugs in where I can.)
I had a moment of self-righteous glee when I discovered that their choice of reading material was the Book of Mormon. It was Tuesday and Cameron has become especially interested in his scriptures on Tuesdays when the JW’s come because he sees us read from the Bible. Last week I felt a little awkward when he grabbed his Book of Mormon, sat next to me on the couch and opened it up as though he intended to participate in our discussion. But in their usual kindness, they just smiled and encouraged his interest in scriptures.
I love the way Eli crosses his ankles like that!

After perusing the few pictures in the book, Cameron brought his book to me and asked about this picture.

I told him that it was Moroni burying the plates. He asked “For the people to eat on?” Thank Heavens no one served any meals on those plates.

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