Yesterday while making my second stop at the gas station in one hour (a story for another post) I noticed this:

Gasoline Health Warning:
Do not siphon gasoline by mouth.

I usually assume that these warnings are posted as the result of a lawsuit, where someone did something stupid and found a way to pass the blame and make a small fortune in the process.
But I was sure that no one out there would do something that ridiculous.

I was discussing it with Richard and my in-laws and they informed me that, in fact, people have and possibly continue to do such a thing.


2 thoughts on “warnings

  1. That's like the time Ben was backpacking in the Uinta Mountains and a sign was posted that said “No Hang gliding.” There are some real geniuses in this world:)


  2. I know, you would think…..my brother had to buy a locking gas cap because his gas kept disappearing when it got up to like $4.00/gallon. Sad huh?P.S. We just got home from our vacation in Idaho and I just got your sticker letter. I am really late with it, but I will get it out in the next two days!


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