And now I bring you: BIG BIRD

It’s random sometimes the things that delight children. This month for our card swap the theme was kid’s birthday and so I made a card featuring characters from Sesame Street. Cameron loved them and all while I was working on the cards he asked if he could have one. So when I finished I made a set for him and for Eli and glued them to popsicle sticks. (I love it when my pack-rat habit of saving things like popsicles sticks is justified!)

Althought I think Sesame Street beats Caillou and Dragon Tales in cleverness and humor by a landslide, it isn’t exactly Cameron’s favorite. He was familiar with Elmo (thanks to consumerism) but the other three were new to him. So I put the boys on my lap and we watched Oscar the Grouch sing about trash and “C is for Cookie” featuring the Cookie Monster himself on YouTube.

I just love YouTube. For many reasons. But today I loved it that I could introduce the boys to some of childhood’s timeless characters with the click of a mouse.

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