blame it on the times

During the week away with my family my brother blamed all things gone wrong on “these tough economic times”. While I don’t mean to be insensitive to the issue, I have become a little irritated with the way the media has exploited the situation. But it seems “these tough economic times” have turned even Eli into a penny-pincher. You’ll notice, if you look closely, a dime inside the envelope. He wripped the envelope to pieces trying to get the “key” out. (“Key” is his term for money.)

Who sends money in the mail? The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society does – amongst other charitable foundations. I donated once, and it used to be that they could guilt me into more donations by mailing me personalized return address labels with pumpkins or lilacs on them. They are always seasonal and how they expect me to go through 50 scarecrow labels in the appropriate time period for scarecrows is beyond me.

But now they have upped the ante. Apparently people were okay with accepting free labels without donating. They started with a nickel, but now they are sending a dime in the envelope with the labels. I suppose it is meant to make you feel as though you are stealing $0.10 from this noble organization if you don’t return the dime along with your donation.

For someone as prone to guilt as I, I am surprised it hasn’t worked. Must be “these tough economic times”.

Oh well. Eli has saved about $0.35 now. That’s more than enough to ride the mechanical horse at the local grocery store.

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