It’s that time again. Time for wranglers and Pronto Pups. Time for smelly petting zoos and scantily dressed women. We did however, manage to avoid the cigarette smoke and drunken fools by attending the fair on “Family Night”. I love the fair. I love that rich and poor and folks from all walks of life can all enjoy a funnel cake just the same. And I boy do I love me some funnel cake.

This year I wised up and bought tickets online in advance so that we could afford to let the boys ride the rides without dipping into our retirement.
What my last post lacked in pictures I will compensate for in this post.

When I was pregnant with Cameron we lived in Pocatello and we went to the Eastern Idaho Fair. I emptied Richard’s wallet by eating everything my heart (and tongue) desired. He commented that he would never take a pregnant lady to the fair again.

Clearly I’ve persuaded him otherwise. Perhaps because with our third child he has learned “What pregnant lady wants, pregnant lady gets.” What did I want this go around? Hawaiian teryaki chicken, french fries, lemonade, caramel apple, funnel cake and ice cream potato.

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