domesticity gone trendy?

Harvest time has hit the blog universe. I saw that everyone was freezing corn and decided I had to do it too. Is it just me or are these domestic pursuits (canning, gardening, knitting) making a comeback? Maybe we can blame it on “these tough economic times” or maybe stay-at-homers are looking for better ways to spend their time and relieve the guilt associated with our facebook addictions. In any case, I find these pursuits very gratifying for many reasons.

One reason being that I’ve read research that concludes that children involved in the production of their food are much more likely to eat it. (Particularly helpful in the vegetable category.) So I had the boys help me husk the corn.

Another reason is that the flavor of homegrown produce has a superior quality, even after freezing or canning. And without the preservatives, BONUS.

I was lucky to get a great deal on this corn, making it an economical blessing as well.

And then of course I’ve said over and over that hard work pays dividends in the form of self-worth. And hard work it was! I was feeling pretty good about myself when my head hit the pillow.

10 thoughts on “domesticity gone trendy?

  1. It will be lots more fun when the boys are older and are actually able to help you out! I'm glad that you got it done. I'm doing carrots sometime soon! I have beets too but those scare me!


  2. Look at you…barefoot, pregnant, AND doing corn. What a gal you are! By the way, your kitchen is way too clean to be freezing corn. Mine (well you saw it) was horrid!Oh, and anytime you don't know what to do with your chard, feel free to bring some more over. Sarah and I appreciate that particular garden grown veggie!


  3. Looks like fun! We get together with Randall's family every year to do corn. I don't think I've bought any corn since we got married. It's wonderful- and it tastes soooo good!Congrats on the upcoming baby girl, by the way. After 2 boys, a baby girl is so much fun!


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