game night

We had a pretty quiet weekend around here. Saturday night we played games with the boys. Games with a four year old and two year old can be a bit tedious. Of course interspersed with the torturous monotony there are moments of hilarity, but generally speaking the pleasure is all theirs.

Halfway through the first round of Candyland Richard suggested that we rig the cards. Those who have played know the frustration that comes with drawing the gingerbread card when you are within reach of Candy Castle. He said that if we rigged them once and never shuffled we would be free of such bad luck. But I insisted that we play honestly. On principle.

We feel bad about our impatience with our two year old who still can’t quite identify colors and our four year old who has a trouble following the sequence of the rainbow trail. Combine those factors with their short attention spans and it is a disaster for the nerves. Can any other parents relate?

By the time we got to Cootie I was willing to compromise a little on the rules for the sake of expediency. Eli was getting bored.

Yeah, that’s right. It was for Eli’s sake.

5 thoughts on “game night

  1. Oh Jo….I do not like playing games with the kids. I will do it, but it is definitely not my favorite activity. It is so hard to not get frustrated. After one or two rounds, I'm done and it's time for something less challenging (for me)! You are a great mom for doing it.


  2. We ended our games last night with one on his bed for cheating and the rest mad at him for ending the game early…add two 2 1/2 year olds to that and it was sheer joy!!!


  3. I have no shame when I say I HATE CANDYLAND! In fact, I banned it from my house when my kids were about your kids' ages. It actually gets better the older they get. I enjoy playing board games with them now that they are 7 and older. Hang in there!


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