I’ve been in denial about the end of summer. Since no one around here is attending school I had defined Labor day as the end of summer. Well, I was devastated to learn that the SnoCone shack was operating on a different schedule. As I pulled into the gravel parking lot where I have been indulging all summer in icy goodness, the shack was completely absent. No sign that it had ever existed.

It was a sad moment because I was craving something fruity but also because I had to come to terms with Fall. I love Fall and I am looking forward to pumpkins and football, but I am sad to see the tan on my little boys toes fade away.

To my great fortune, Moxie Java seems to be in my camp as far as when summer ends. As I turned my van around to go home I saw painted in the window of the coffee shop

“Italian Sodas $0.99 ALL SUMMER!”

A raspberry Italian soda was just what I needed.

3 thoughts on “September

  1. now you have left me wanting a snow cone. I guess I will settle for a cold diet cherry pepsi. I love summer too! It seems like a blur…that is for sure, too much chaos, it came went before Eric and I could even take a deep breath! I am with you on the fall though… love love football!


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