It’s in the air and I can’t resist

Several years ago shortly after we were married I discovered something about Richard and decided it was a crossroad. I concluded that I must choose to either tolerate this interest of his that occupied him for hours on Saturday afternoons, or I could embrace it. I decided to embrace it.

My foundation for a love of college football had been laid after attending a few BYU football games with my older brother and sister. The Cougs love their football team and it’s contagious.

The first personal step in my conversion was Richard and I signing up for a co-ed flag football team at ISU. We had a great time (despite the turf burns) and I learned for the first time what a first down was. After understanding the fundamentals of football it became much easier to watch a game.

But what has really deepened my love for the game has been jumping on the BSU bandwagon since we moved back to Boise three years ago. Now I love this time of year and I love watching the anticipation in Richard’s eyes as Game Day approaches. This year I saw that same anticipation in Cameron’s eyes with all the talk of Bronco football, and of course whatever excites Cameron excites Eli. Thanks for not disappointing last night Broncos.

**And now I am going to do something that I usually frown upon. I am going to post several pictures that are all basically the same but different enough that a mother feels compelled to post them all. The great game-day gear was provided by my loyal Bronco fan mother-in-law.

5 thoughts on “It’s in the air and I can’t resist

  1. oh man….those outfits are so cute! Ok I have a HUGE love of college football( more than Eric). It does make me homesick however, I grew up watching football with 5 brothers and parents who love it! I love it too. It makes me love the fall. Go BYU tonight! Its on ESPN tonight so I get to watch it.


  2. Those little outfits really are adorable! I loved seeing them swish around the other night. I decided to do the same when we got married, and I have not been disappointed! In fact, I'm probably going to watch the games without Ben today (poor guy has to work).


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