Cameron started preschool this week. It’s pretty much a win-win for all involved.
Cameron: Gets four hours a week of play time with kids his own age, snacks, crafts and of course we hope he is learning something.
Me: I get to be the parent of only one child which makes running errands less complicated and one-on-one time with Eli more achievable.
Eli: The poor boy is so used to playing “as instructed” that I think he is going to enjoy two hours twice a week to play as his little heart desires without big bossy brother.

7 thoughts on “pre-school

  1. We did a group like that when Sarah was preschool age. It was fun because I got to know other moms in our ward better and best of all, it was free! I’ve always felt the emphasis on preschool should be social anyway, even though the kindergarten requirements are a bit more complex than they used to be.


  2. oh totally cute, I tell ya, he is one good looking kid, I just love his personality! We were suppost to do that and i am bummed that I didnt. oh and I love his shirt I bought the same one for Makray!


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