messy messy

I had such a clumsy messy day yesterday. I tried to cook Talapia in the microwave and it exploded, after only a few seconds!

My bag of flour was damaged in transition from grocery story to home and now there is flour all over the floor of the van.

When I opened my delicious Cascade Ice drink it fizzed all over my hand, arm, and skirt.

That doesn’t quite cover the damages done but you get the idea. It was jut one of those days.

But thank goodness when a mysterious tupperware of brown leftovers jumped out of the refrigerator and spread itself across the kitchen floor, Misha came to the rescue. I’d much rather swiffer the dog-licked residue than the entire gooey disaster.

4 thoughts on “messy messy

  1. That is awesome that misha licked up your mess (not awesome about the rest of the messes). Sometimes I think my floor is never clean (i'm sure you can relate with two boys) Maybe I should get a dog so that at least it looks clean…..


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