eight years

Like most Americans I can remember clearly the events of my day on September 11 2001. I was a student at ISU and I remember my roommate turning on the radio in the morning after the first crash. We watched the second plane crash on tv and then I left for class.

I’ll never forget walking home from class and seeing my roommate sitting on the front porch, cell phone in hand and despair in her face. Her cousin was in one of the Towers and no one had heard from him. He was killed that day.

For the sake of those who suffered a great loss that day I would never wish to go back. But for the sake of those of us who have forgotten all the kindness and unity we felt as a country, I almost wish we could.

So on the anniversary today of that terrible tragedy I want to pay tribute. I want to pay tribute to those who lost their lives and the families they left behind. But I also want to pay tribute to the compassion we are capable of as a country.

3 thoughts on “eight years

  1. Amen! I will never forget how negligent I was that day when I kept flipping through the radio stations trying to find some tunes and all it was news…news…and more news, so I just turned the radio off…Eric and I were also at ISU. We were newly weds, on our way to school that Tuesday. I was following him to school in seperate cars. We parked @ the stadium and as soon as eric got out he was sick and had to explain to his negligent wife what the heck had happened. (we didnt have cell phones 8 yrs ago..wierd i know) so we both went to class just totally sick that day. I try not to ignore the media, but find that I still do. I will never forget the unity I felt the months after. I also felt the spirit as I would drive to school and see all the flags flying high. Each day more and more people would put up their flags and I would count them. I loved it. I will NEVER forget the peace we felt after such a horrible tragedy. I sometimes wish we could go back to that unity instead of being so divided, having a corrupt government and just a MESS of a country. Sorry…..you got ME venting!


  2. I agree. We talked about it at work how we wish we could all go back to that feeling of American pride we had. I'm just scared that it will take something like that again to bring that feeling back, I just certainly hope not.


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