extraordinary day

I’ve always wondered about the word extraordinary. I always thought if something was extra ordinary it was just more ordinary. But the dictionary tells me that it means exceptional. Either way, our day yesterday was extraordinary. It was in many ways just another ordinary day, but it was exceptional in that we were all three (Richard is out of town) content and happy the entire day. It was so pleasant.

In the evening I took the boys to a movie. Tuesdays are bargain days at the already bargain theater. For $7 I paid for each of our tickets, popcorn, a drink and two candy items. The highlight of the evening for me? The boys were both so engrossed in the movie I got to eat most of the popcorn and all of the candy by myself. Wonderful.
My friend Jaymie gave me a great tip regarding toddlers and movie theater seats. She suggested that you bring in the youngsters car seat and not only does it keep their chair from flipping up and folding them in half, but it gives them a good six inches of height that allows them a clear shot of the giant screen. While I got things settled with his seat, Eli fought a battle with another chair and with his knees touching his nose and his feet in the air he whimpered in frustration. When I put him in his carseat he giggled with delight. I think Cameron was even a little jealous.

Before the movie started I placed a napkin on Eli’s lap and put popcorn on top, expecting it to last 10 seconds. Much to my surprise he never finished the popcorn. He was so captivated by the movie he never took his eyes from the screen. Except for the time he asked for a drink and poured the Sprite all over himself. That was our only mishap but luckily he was enjoying himself so much he didn’t mind being covered in carbonated beverage.

Cameron was equally enthralled but that didn’t stop him from asking questions the entire movie. Richard says he gets that from me, but I’m hopeful it is just a phase. At first the people behind us laughed at his sweet curiosity. But by the end I think they were as anxious as I for him to sit quietly and just watch.

I rarely watch a movie more than once in the theater. I get restless in theaters easily and it takes a good movie to keep my interest even during the first viewing. (I had seen this one before in different company.) But luckily I had a very wiggly unborn girl and two immobilized boys sitting next to me to sustain me with gratitude throughout the movie.

And Up! is a clever and humorous film worth watching.

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