Coming to you from Sin City

Normally I don’t blog while on vacation. But at my sister’s house technology, and today time, are so readily available I thought I’d go for it.

Today several members of my family started a Ragnar Relay Race in the Valley of Fire. All day I’ve felt left out of the excitement and adrenaline. My designated post has been here at the house with all the wee ones. Yes, there have been a few moments of excitement amongst us.The name of their relay team is Team Mandelbaum. Watch this to really understand. Each of the 12 team members have three legs and the race lasts over 24 hours. I really want to participate as a runner someday…
Of course, more pictures to come!

2 thoughts on “Coming to you from Sin City

  1. That is so exciting! I just recently learned what a Ragnar Relay Race was. Crazy…but fun. Your time will come Jo! PS. Brock and I just ran our first half marathon yesterday….you were one of my inspirations. Thanks! I'm planning to blog about it sometime today. Have fun in sin city!


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