picture day

I mentioned that I wanted to have some professional pictures of the boys taken and I finally arranged it. We had tentatively planned for Tuesday, depending on the weather. Tuesday came a bit windy and cool and Krista asked if we were up for it. I told her that I was psychologically prepared to do it that day so we better just go for it. Parents of young children who have stressed over photo shoots can perhaps relate.

Aside from being mostly interested in throwing rocks in the river and fighting with sticks, the boys did pretty well for the pictures. And of course there is that terribly frustrating task of trying to get the child to smile they way they really smile, rather than that contrived phoney smile. We never did quite get that from Cameron.

Never above bribery, I promised the boys a treat if they cooperated and they requested ice cream cones. So we raided the frozen foods aisle at the local grocery store and along with two half gallons of ice cream (strawberry for Cameron, chocolate for Eli) I bought a frozen pizza for dinner and some much needed Halloween candy for the hard working mother.
Then we came home and ate our stash while we watched Biggest Loser. Just a little ironic.

The pictures turned out great, I hope to post some soon.

One thought on “picture day

  1. We always seem to be eating crap while we watch The Biggest Loser, too. It always makes me feel guilty and I swear it will never happen again, and it doesn't….until the next week.


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