where all your dreams come true

Disneyland turned out to be everything it is cracked up to be. Well, I guess not ALL my dreams came true, clothes don’t wash themselves yet. But I think Cameron and Eli would say all their dreams came true.

It was an adventure with my sisters Adri & Lori, their three children and my parents. It worked out quite well though. The kids always had an adult to ride with and I think the adults all got a chance to ride a ride of their choice without children. Except Space Mountain, sorry Adri.

You’ll notice a pin on my dad’s shirt. It was his birthday and so his entry into the magical world was free. He wore the pin all day and received countless enthusiastic birthday greetings from the employees. They were sincere and pleasant and I thought often of the phrase that describes Disneyland as “the happiest place on Earth.” The boys were pretty good sports about waiting in line. Except Eli had a bad habit of escaping under the chains and by the time we reached the ride all of the people surrounding us in line knew him by name. “Eli…. ELI…. ELI!”
If it looks like there are bags under Eli’s eyes from sleep deprivation, it is because there are. In all his excitement he and Charlie were whispering and giggling long into the night and before the sun came up in the morning. Eventually he could keep his droopy eyes open no longer and I pushed him around with the stroller in a reclined position to try and let him sleep. (Very hard on my back!)
On our way back to our cars at the end of the day we had a very tired crew. (Myself included.) It was raining and each adult was either pushing a stroller with a sleeping child or carrying a sleepy child. Eli in true form smiled and said “cheese” as soon as I wielded the camera, so the sleepy effect was completely lost.
Some people argue that there is no point in taking your children to Disneyland when they are too young to remember it. I’m quite sure neither Cameron or Eli will remember their day at Disney. But I will, and as corny as it may sound, it was absolutely worth it.

5 thoughts on “where all your dreams come true

  1. We first took our kids when our youngest was only one. Even though she doesn't REALLY remember the trip, Sarah likes to look at her album and say things like, “You were nervous I would fall out on this ride huh mom?” (It was Pirates of the Carribean) Or “there's a picture of Aunt Lisa before I threw up on her.” She loves to hear the stories and look at pictures when she was there. I think it's totally worth it too. Glad your boys had such a great time!


  2. We went to Disneyland this summer with my whole family. It was great, even for Jackson. They can be so accommodating there. I'm glad you had fun. It makes spending all the money worth it!!!


  3. I agree! I think every family should go to Disneyland. I am jealous that you went and I would have come with you. You just had to ask! :-)I can't wait to go back again and create so many fun memories. I think it's what you make of it that any kid, of any age, will remember forever. I'm glad that you got to go!!!!!


  4. Ohhh!! Fun! I've been trying to figure out a way to get Taylee there. Now you've got me more excited. I heard if you do a full day of service beginning in January with a volunteer agency of Disney's choice, you can earn a free ticket into the park. Hmm…..sounds good to me! Maybe this summer we'll make it over there. Glad you had fun!


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