a dragon duo, accompanied by a pirate duo

We had a great Halloween. The boys got a jumpstart on Friday with the annual trick-or-treat at Richard’s office. It’s always an easy and warm way to start filling that pillowcase. And entertaining to see Richard’s co-workers all dressed up.

Saturday night upon returning from the neighborhood trick-or-treating I had the boys spread out their candy and told them all about the “Switch Witch”. I gave them a small bag in which to put their favorites and explained that the Switch Witch was going to come trade the remainder of their candy for a book.

Eli did not understand in the least bit what was going on and began, quite happily, to fill his bag. Cameron on the other hand became hysterical. He frantically pulled all his candy into his lap all the while wailing about how “No witch is going to take my candy!” I explained that he would keep some candy and how exciting it would be in the morning to have a new book. That seemed to subdue him.

Flash forward to Sunday morning. They excitedly go to their pillowcases by the front door and Cameron is thrilled to pull out a book. Eli on the other hand panics when he sees a book in the pillowcase instead of all his candy. He starts wailing “The ‘witch-witch’ took my candy!”

Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

4 thoughts on “a dragon duo, accompanied by a pirate duo

  1. I love the switch witch story. After reading about this on your blog a bit ago, we decided to try it as well, and it worked out quite well for us. Another great idea stolen from someone else's blog. šŸ™‚


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