since it’s November, I’m thankful for…

In the not so distant past, while Richard was out of town, I had lousy day. It culminated in a hormonal calamity over the cellular network. Those wireless circuits carried my tears from Kuna to Spokane. Of course I felt much better after reassuring words from my husband who knows me best, but as I lay in bed I started thinking. I was thinking about a girl I know and I wondered if she ever has meltdowns. No matter how I tried I could not imagine her being upset or crying. On Facebook she is always so darling and perky. (And doesn’t FB give us great insight into the lives of our “friends”?)
Then I thought of a few women who I know that I had opportunity to see in vulnerable moments. People who under all other circumstances appeared to me to have it totally together. Seeing people in their own “meltdowns” fills me with goodwill and puts me in touch with humanity. No one has a heart so cold or a life so perfect that they are free of disappointment or discouragement.

I’m grateful that my life is good. I am grateful for relationships that allow people to be honest about their feelings. I am grateful for the example of those saintly folks who manage to see straight into the heart of the individual and therefore are full of love for all.

7 thoughts on “since it’s November, I’m thankful for…

  1. It's good to hear you had a meltdown. I have those all too often. I started a list the other day and I'm listing 5 things each day that I'm grateful for. Didn't you do that last year? It seems like that's where I got the idea from. Either way, I thought of you as I started my list!


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