36 weeks

Cameron and Eli both arrived exactly two weeks before their due date. Both caught me by surprise. My doctor told me to go ahead and plan on being early with this one too. (So I can be ready.) Two weeks before my due date makes the arrival of this little darling on Thanksgiving day. Richard says that if I plan on being early of course I won’t be.

I guess we’ll see.

Three kids? Some things you just aren’t ever ready for.

10 thoughts on “36 weeks

  1. My third baby was my easiest. Maybe Heavenly Father knew I needed her to be; I don't know. However, 7 years later, my third is no longer the easiest!I'm excited to get Eli in my nursery in January but will miss being in Relief Society so that I can hold your new baby girl!!


  2. you look so cute! 3 kids was a hard adjustment for me for the first few months(cuz now you are out numbered:)Urban was/is such an easy baby:) it is much fun and easier now and i LOVE it, they all play together so great!:)


  3. 3 kids…not too bad. It's having a newborn that I think is hard. They are just a lot of work and being up all the time is so draining. It's amazing how fast we forget. Good thing that babies are irresistibly cute! Can't wait to see her!


  4. I can't believ that you are that close. I remember doing visits about this time with your last one. You look so cute with your belly sticking out!! I can't wait to hear when she decides to make her appearance. I'm excited for you! Hopefully it all happens after Thanksgiving!


  5. My third was so easy, slept through the night, never hardly cried. I think we as parents relax a little more with each one which is turn makes them more calm! I'm so excited for you. Good luck with coming early…that's always nice. And your hair is so long, it looks great!


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