In the parenting class I have been attending one of the biggest complaints by mothers is the difficulty of getting their children to do their homework and do it well. I couldn’t relate at all to this issue, not to say I didn’t think it was real, it just wasn’t my struggle yet.

Until this morning. All it took was one assignment. Homework for a pre-schooler is rare and is mostly intended to make them feel included with their older siblings, but in our case that motivation was entirely lacking. (Due to no older siblings.)

It only took about three minutes before Cameron put his pencil down and said those dreaded words.
“I can’t.”

It’s going to be a long road to higher education, I can see that now.

3 thoughts on “homework

  1. I hope you don't mind I found you blog…Your little boys are such good looking kids and Payton has really grown fond of them!! We would like playdates whenever you want/need a break so don't hesitate to call if you are getting tired on this last stretch, they are no trouble.


  2. I have to laugh at your post because I can relate. Hailee gets these thirty page front and back homework packets to do over the course of two weeks. First of all, we have to be super disciplined so it doesn't pile up before it is due, and of course it tests the patience in both of us. Hailee and I get along so well until the homework packets come home. Good luck!


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